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Welcome to Colorado Native Plants
My goal is to provide the people of Colorado beautiful native plants to use in their landscape as well as to create the essence of the plant communities that occur throughout Colorado.  Using native plants in your landscape provides many benefits for wildlife, insects, the environment, and for you as well.  Native plants that are carefully selected to grow in your area will not require any extra water once established.  They do not require irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers to look their best.  Native plants are adapted to accept and thrive in the worst conditions Colorado has to offer because they have been growing here for thousands of years.  

I have several species of native plants for sale from a variety of plant communities.  I hope to offer many more species in the future.  I also wish to perpetuate the idea of landscaping with native plants.  I can help you create a sustainable and beautiful landscape using native plants that are adapted to your location.   And perhaps I can help to make Colorado look a little more like Colorado, one plant and one yard at a time.
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